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LEGAL AGRIFOOD ABOGADOS is a law firm specialising in food law. We are abogados (a profession equivalent to a solicitor/barrister in the UK) and advise our clients on matters of Law, mainly (but not exclusively) food law. We also deal with pharmaceutical, administrative, intellectual, business, civil and competition law. We act in criminal law only when the case relates to food law. The principal partner is Vicente Rodríguez, an experienced lawyer with a record of successful court cases in the field of food law and a number of publications on the matter.


The firm operates all over Spain as its work is specialised and not geographically- based. We provide highly-specialised services and to our knowledge we are the only law firm in Spain specifically dedicated to food-law.


The work we do for our clients can be classified into three different categories:


a)      Advising and giving legal opinions on products (composition, labelling, presentation, advertising, distribution, etc.), including assistance with clients’ relationships with the authorities.

b)      Drafting legal documents relevant to clients’ activities (e.g. contracts).

c)      Litigation on their behalf in administrative procedures, arbitration and at Court.


As examples of our work we could name


  • reviewing the labelling of food products before they are placed on the market
  • drafting a legal opinion on the use of the term natural when applied to a food ingredient
  • drafting a legal opinion on requirements of placing food supplements in the Spanish market
  • drafting a legal opinion on the use of a health-related claim
  • contesting sanctioning procedures due to supposedly wrong labelling and quality of food products
  • litigation between companies on the quality and presentation of a food product between
  • litigation against the abusive practices of a food retailer
  • drafting model food-distribution agreements to be used with distributors abroad
  • litigation in the case of food alerts and product-recalls, including the prior administrative procedure.


Our clients are food companies - some of them leaders in Spain and the world -, some of the main Spanish food business associations and institutions in the public sector. Vicente Rodríguez is listed by the EC Directorate General for Health and Consumers as a legal expert in the fields of Food Safety, Animal Health, Animal Welfare and Plant Health as well as Public Health and, in 2011 was commissioned, to write the legal section of the Spanish Ministry of Health’s/FIAB Guidelines on the Food Alert System, to be published this year.


We have regular contact with regional Health, Agricultural and Consumer Authorities as well as with the Spanish Food Safety and Nutrition Agency and we have used our contacts with the Authorities in different manners on behalf of our clients, for example, to negotiate when the client has been ordered to modify its activity or product; when the client has been prosecuted; or to work out whether a new product or activity would pose any legal problem or what would the authorities’ criteria would be towards the use of a product or ingredient in food.

Member of

Vicente Rodríguez, profesor visitante en la Universidad IB Master (oficial) en Nutrigenómica y Nutrición Personalizada


Vicente Rodriguez



Lawyers Monthly Legal Awards 2021




Lawyers Monthly Legal Awards 2020


Food Safety ∙ The Evolution of Systems for the Exchange of Information in Food Safety Situations in the Past 50 Years

EFFL Review 2/2023, by Vicente Rodriguez

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"Food safety alerts, overall impact on the industry of food recalls"

by Vicente Rodriguez


Presentación informe sobre"las declaraciones nutricionales y de propiedades saludables del aceite de oliva"

por Vicente Rodríguez


EFLA Workshop 21 June 2021

Setting of nutrient profiles and its interaction with front of pack nutrition labelling

The situation in Spain, presented by Vicente Rodriguez

Rivista di diritto alimentare

The implementation of FIC Regulation in Spain,

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The implementation of FIC Regulation

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The case of Spain, presentation by Vicente Rodriguez

Vicente Rodríguez, profesor de legislacion alimentaria, Novel Foods y RASFF.

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 Vicente Rodriguez chairs session on Personalised Nutrition at EFLA Conference,

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Vicente Rodriguez, profesor de legislación alimentaria internacional.

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Vicente Rodriguez presenta la regulación de la indicacion del origen en los alimentos en España

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Vicente Rodriguez speaker in PRODUCT DIFFERENTIATION STRATEGIES SEMINAR, 12 November, ISTAMBUL, Turkey

Vicente Rodríguez preside jornadas sobre la

repercusión del TTIP en el sector alimentario.

Buselas 21 octubre 15

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Università Cattolica del Sacro Coure,

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Vicente Rodriguez ponente en conferencia en Washington (USA)

Nutrition and Health Claims North America

30 April

EFFL Review 1/2015 Horsemeat Scandal; Use of Recalls in Enforcement throughout the EU

Vicente Rodríguez y otros

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Vicente Rodriguez reelegido Presidente de la European Food Law Association,

From agricultural to food law

Nuevo libro dirigido por Vicente Rodríguez

Edita Univ. de Wageningen

Vicente Rodríguez profesor en el curso de elaboración de aceite de oliva, en Mayo del 2014

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